Anytune Combines the Social Network with Learning Music

Ottawa, CA May 13, 2011 in Music

[] Ottawa, Canada – Anytune, the music learning App that allows you to slow down your music, is now integrated with Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS. Tweet your favorite pitch/tempo setting to your followers. Mark up any song and email your notes to a band member or student. Import tempo and pitch Settings, Audiomarks and Loopmarks from an email with one click. Anytune continues to improve the music learning experience and now lets you share online.

“I learned to play drums by playing along with my favorite songs. In those days I would adjust the speed of my turntable to slow the down music to hear solos. Seeing my daughter struggle with chord transitions while singing along to “No Where Man” inspired Anytune. Anytune 1.3 has a great set of features we believe musicians will really love. We are really excited about the ability to share Settings and Audiomarks through social media, and believe this creates a new way for musicians to collaborate.” Anystone CEO, Tony Wacheski

Anytune has a growing fan base with reviews from four countries, and every one providing five stars; including:
“Great app – I’m a guitar teacher and I’m making sure each of my students download this app. Great for learning and accuracy. Simple and straightforward and works like they said it would. Great App.”

The “Ramp up Your Learning” sale will offer Anytune Pro at a 80% discount the day of its release. The discount will be reduced in 20% increments until the original low price is reached. Anytune remains free as always.

Browse the entire iPod music collection by song, artist, album, or playlist and press play, just like the iPod App – but better! Adjust tempo and pitch independently or together. Slow down a song to play along, or hear each note of a wicked guitar or drum solo. Anytune calculates and displays the adjusted beats per minute and relative tempo. Increase the tempo as you improve. Adjust the pitch to change the key, tune to your instrument or your voice.

Change tempo and pitch to have some fun and create a funky new sound for a favorite track. Tweet the settings to your friends with simple touch: ‘Check out The Who’s “Bargain” on #Anytune at 1.50X, -4 semi. Create a loop to repeat any part of a track. Set a loop start delay to allow time to return to your instrument. Include a loop it in your practice routine slowly increasing the tempo until you can nail it at 1.5 times the original tempo!

Set marks at precise times in your tracks with “Audiomarks” and “Loopmarks”. Use marks to easily return to a specific point or replay a difficult passage as a loop. Add text to marks for reminders to yourself, share ideas with band members, or give feedback to a student. Post all of your Audiomarks for a specific song to your Facebook wall or email them to a collaborator with the touch of a button. Import tempo and pitch Settings, Audiomarks and Loopmarks from an email with one click. A great new way for musicians to collaborate.

The original Free of version Anytune includes the following features:

  • Awesome user interface
  • Seamless access to your music library, browse and play audio content
  • Estimates and displays the Beats Per Minute of the track being played
  • Adjust playback speed, (0.5X to 2.5X) with or without affecting pitch
  • Adjust pitch up or down a full octave
  • Loop control with loop delayed start
  • Auto save last position in the playlist and file
  • Support for background music playback
  • Support for remote control functions
  • Try Audiomarks and Loopmarks (limited)
  • Tweet or SMS tempo and pitch settings
  • Post to Facebook wall or email tempo and pitch settings, Audiomarks and Loopmarks (limited)
  • Import settings and marks through URL in email

Purchase Anytune Pro directly and enjoy additional functionality including:

  • Removal of advertising
  • Volume and Airplay controls
  • Configurable loop delay
  • Choose a skin from a variety of wicked textures and eye-catching colors
  • Half, quarter and fine scrubbing
  • Quick jump to iPod song and position
  • Set, name and edit Audiomarks to quickly move to any position in the song (unlimited)
  • Set, name and edit Loopmarks to quickly save and replay multiple loops (unlimited)
  • Updates with additional features (iPad version coming soon)

Pricing and Availability:
Anytune fully supports Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 4.1 and up. Anytune 1.3 is free with additional features available through in-app purchase or by purchasing Anytune Pro (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.

Enjoy your music journey

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