Use your students’ phone to learn songs they love. Anytune for music teachers.

Music teachers of all kinds use Anytune to give students the tools to practice and advance as musicians beyond the lesson.

In music classes across the world

Enhance your teaching experience with Anytune

An all-in-one tool for music students to learn, practice, and perform music by ear.

Import any song

Import any song or backing track for play-along practice.

Train a beginner’s ears

Slow down music so they can hear the pitch, rhythm, and melody of the song.

Tune your song

Adjust the key to your student's voice or fine tune to match odd tunings.

Teach songs section by section

Break down the song into sections to work on one at a time.

Prepare students for recitals

Anytune’s Step-it-Up Loop Trainer will slowly increase the tempo of sections automatically until they’re mastered.

Give feedback to performances

Record a student’s performance and share timed-comments to correct mistakes before they become habits.

Play along with the band

Mute instruments or vocals from songs and mix their live to play along with the band.

Export custom tracks

Create new adjusted tracks. Export ½ and ¾ speed versions to a student.

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