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We make the pursuit of music mastery enjoyable

Musicians of all kinds use Anytune to learn faster, transcribe easier, perform better, and have more fun practising. 

Our music player is equipped with a complete set of tools to hear every nuance in how songs are performed.

You can adjust the key and tune your song, slow down the tempo, transcribe sections, then practice loops repeatedly until you’ve mastered the full song.

Focus on your instrument while muting the rest of the band to help you learn or transcribe. Or remove your instrument and play along with the band for the ultimate practice session.

Train your ear. Learn to play any song. And advance as a musician with Anytune.


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Our Story

We’ve been helping musicians jam for over a decade enjoyable


How Anytune fits into musician's lives

We see ourselves as a musician’s instrument tech team. We travel with them, help craft new sounds, or prepare for performances. We work in the background so they can shine and inspire creativity by giving them tools to experiment and grow as musicians. We’re trustworthy, reliable, and our users know if they have a question, we’ll have an answer. We celebrate lifelong learning and exist to help them enjoy the process.

Values that guide us

Music is life
We want to help bring more music to the world.
Practice makes perfect
Behind the curtain, we test ideas so we can grow.
Help musicians be creative
We strive to create versatile tools for any musician.
Strive for encores
Our goal is to provide solutions that make musicians applaud.
We can do much more together
No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.
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Enjoy your music journey

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