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A complete set of tools to learn and practice by ear. Slow it down, choose the perfect pitch and learn faster with Anytune.

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+ 30,000 5-Star App Store Ratings

Anytune looping on Mac, Reframe on iPad and playing on iPhone

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+ 30,000 5-Star App Store Ratings

Join more than a million musicians on their pursuit to music mastery

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Awesome app for learning those tricky solos. Wish I would have had this years ago.
The Best!
Edward Greenbaum
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If you’re looking for a good music transcription tool, look no farther. I’ve tried the others. This is the best!
Awesome app
John Grasso
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The performance and audio quality are outstanding. I use this app every day to practice tunes at slower tempos, slowly building up to 100%. Love it.
Best app for live performance!
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As a one man band performer as well as with my live band I use this App On every performance and it just feels perfect.
Great App!
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Time saver. Powerful tool. Sure beats hitting replay on music app.
Changed my life!
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This is a miracle app. With a lengthly four decade music career behind me and a van full of high-tech equipment, this app is the most fun I’ve ever had musically. The customer support is out of this world too!!
Great Software
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Yup. This app does the job. Powerful, easy to use. Has allowed me to learn improvisations that i never could have.


See what’s possible with Anytune


Hear every nuance of the original performance.


Your personal trainer for sections to entire set lists.


Tools take you directly to the music note by note.


Remix backing tracks in real time no hands.

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Slow down Spotify streams for FREE!*

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Elevate your music practice with the next-gen version of the acclaimed Apple app, now on Android!

While Anytune on Android is currently evolving to match the full suite of features found on Mac and iOS, it already boasts unique new capabilities not seen on Apple devices, such as colored section labels, waveform zoom and the ability to adjust the tempo of Spotify and Apple Music streams.   


Serious tools for serious musicians

Packaged in one easy-to-use app.

Slow down your music for play-along practice

Slow down music without changing the pitch, then practice difficult sections on repeat until you have confidence to increase the tempo.

Anytune on Mac Music slow down app

Tune songs instead of your instrument

Adjust the pitch of your music to your instrument or your voice. Match odd tuning or to transcribe a song directly into different key.

Invaluable for musicians


This app is incredible. I can slow down any piece of music to practice tricky passages on guitar or change the key of any song to find what works with my own voice. I use this app daily to help me progress.

Anytune pitch-stretching on iPad and iPhone

Easily navigate between sections of your song

Break down your song with marks and loops to easily navigate and practice tricky sections.

Anytune on Mac and iPhone Marks and Loops
Anytune's FineTouchEQ

Pinpoint and shape the sound of your instrument

Use gestures and parametric filters to precisely control the sound of your tracks, so you can enhance or suppress any instrument. on Apple

Amazing app


Super impressed with this app. It’s a must, especially for drummers. Easily deconstruct complex riffs and beats. The HQ audio is a must. No regrets!

Music practice perfected

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Anytune features vary on Android, Mac Desktop, and iOS versions.

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Rated 5-Stars by 1000s of Musicians

Isolate or mute instruments or vocals with ReFrame

View your sound stage and isolate an instrument like cropping a photo. Mute the band to focus on your instrument or mute your instrument to play along with the band. on Apple

Anytune's ReFrame audio isolation removing vocals

Organize your music library and files into folders and playlists

Play music and playlists seamlessly from your iCloud music library. Easily import songs from Dropbox, Wi-Fi and Open-In on your iPhone or iPad. Drag and drop songs into Anytune on your Mac. Extract audio from video files. on Apple

Amazing app


I play in a band and we now organize all our songs & background tracks with this great app. It has really simplified things for us & we haven’t yet explored all the other things this app can.

Organize your music library and files in folders and playlists.

Features you'll love for stage performance on Apple

Add lyrics or textual tabs that scroll with the music.

Control Anytune hands-free with MIDI or Bluetooth Keyboard.

Plug-in and mix your instrument or voice to your tracks.

Anytune on Mac with Lyrics, Remote Control and Adaptor

Music practice perfected

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Anytune features vary on Android, Mac Desktop, and iOS versions.

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Rated 5-Stars by 1000s of Musicians

Advance as a musician

Improve your technique.

Train your ear.

Master intricate solos.

Improvise with the greats.

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Simplify your workflow

Learn how the pros use Anytune.

Need help getting started? Visit our Help Center and view quick start videos.

Enjoy your music journey

Anytune features vary on Android, Mac Desktop, and iOS versions.
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Powerful tools at your fingertips

Slow Downer

Pitch Adjuster

Markers and Loops

ReFrame Audio Isolation

FineTouch Parametric EQ


Sync Lyrics & Tabs

Remote Control

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