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"You'll Hear It" daily jazz advice
Peter Martin & Adam Maness

Peter and Adam’s podcast provides jazz musicians with great advice on how to play, practice and listen to jazz. Anytune is the perfect tool to help jazz musicians to hear every nuance in a performance, speed transcription and practice more effectively. Just add you for a great jazz trio.

Peter Martin Jazz Pianist Educator Founder Open Studio
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To be a great musician, you need to really HEAR the music. Anytune helps you listen to and use the music in wonderful new ways from your iPhone, iPad,  Mac and now on Android. computer.  Hear every nuance of the music to learn or transcribe, and play along at your pace to make practice more fun.

Anytune has some great tools for the Jazz Musician:

  • amazing stretching with fantastic clarity
  • break down the song into sections with marks and timed annotations
  • change the pitch of a song to transcribe in a different key
  • use transcribe mode to work through a song repeating sections as you go
  • record your own performance to listen to every detail
  • use the Loop Trainer to start slow and build speed
  • the list goes on and on, ….

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